Thursday, April 23, 2009

What the challenge means to me

I can't believe how well I have done on this challenge. I really am proud of myself. I was really mad that I couldn't go run today because my shin's hurt so bad! haha Matt even had to tell me, calm down I don't want you to hurt yourself. I have pushed myself harder than I ever thought I could and its only day 4! I really do feel better though, physically. The way I used to try and lose weight was I would basically starve myself. I would eat, but they were very small meals and only once a day. I knew it was horrible for my body, but I wanted to lose those few extra pound so bad. When I saw Tanna propose this challenge, I thought it would be great because I would finally LEARN how to eat the right way without having to starve myself. And I am learning. I'm learning to eat small meals throughout the day and I feel so much better. This challenge has really been a blessing for me. I have to tell you once this 42 day challenge is over, I will keep eating this way (maybe a few sweets a week? haha) hopefully forever! No more trying and giving up because it gets too hard. So, here's to making this a forever thing!! :)

By the way, having 49 other women doing this with me has been awesome so far!!!! I love that we can all share everything, it makes this a lot easier!

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Precious Moments said...

Amen to that...I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better since you are doing it right. I have been there too, trying to not eat too much, and it is just not the way to go. Glad to read this. Love, Tanna