Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our new home

I know this post is a LITTLE late, but we have bought our first home.

We are very excited to be homeowners and finally have something that is completely ours. We found the house in March through a friend of ours. He said his buddy was about to put his house up for sale and that it's what we are looking for and he thought we would love it. I will tell you, we almost didn't even go by. We were going to look at the house without our realtor, I was tired of looking at houses all day and I thought it might be weird..I mean, what if we didn't like it? Well, Matt persuaded me to go and the minute we stepped in we both LOVED it. The house is older, but it has so much character and is very updated. That night we debated for probably only 30 minutes and decided we wanted it. When you know, you know! :) They were going to put the house on the market the next day, but we called and told them we wanted it. They agreed and about a month later, it was ours!

I am so looking forward to moving into this house and starting to make precious memories there. I can't wait to show you all the inside!! :)