Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hail Storm in The LBK

I haven't heard any updates on Jared yet, when I do I will post.

On another note, today I got stuck in the WORST hail storm I have ever seen. It started when I was driving home from work around 4:30. The weather people from the news were all over the radio talking about "funnel clouds". This is when I began to worry. It is about a 25 minute drive for me, so I had a while to anticipate what I was coming in to. About 10 minutes into my drive, I start to see the funnel cloud they were talking about on the radio. Being out in west Texas, you can see for MILES because it is so FLAT! And there it was, looming towards the ground. I freaked out and called Matt. But, at the same time in the very back of my mind I was thinking..How cool would it be to see that? I quickly pushed it back and remembered I was in a car driving toward it, not so fun. So I began to drive a little bit faster. As soon as I hit Lubbock it began pouring! Shortly after, the hail came. TONS OF HAIL, BIG HAIL. I couldn't even see in front of me! I had to pull off under some cover at a business and wait it out. I waited for like 30 minutes and it pretty much stopped hailing, so I thought it was done and started driving home. Wrong. Golf ball size hail soon started coming down, harder this time. The streets were also flooded, and my car at one point started smoking. I can honestly say I was really scared. I called Matt shaking and crying. Now I know what you might be thinking, "What a baby!" I would be thinking the same thing, but it was really scary!! All I could hear on the radio was that there was a tornado lurking over Lubbock and I could barely see out my windshield. I was praying hard that it wouldn't crack any windows. And it didn't! :) I have to say, I might actually miss all this crazy weather in Lubbock when we leave! Well, tonight I am packing. We leave tomorrow for Dallas, I am going to a job fair on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Karen said...

Hey laura, will you be here by 6:30pm? Robin, my mom and I are going to a party at my friends house. One of our friends, Laura Richards, sells stuff you can get embroidered etc. anyways, it will be fun girl time... come along if you want. You can bring Susan. Their will be margaritas.

Karen said...

email me your phone number so I can text you the address. Maybe Matt can drop you off on the way in from out of town so you wont miss much.