Sunday, April 19, 2009


The challenge begins tomorrow! I am so excited and ready! I feel like I am apart of a great group of girls doing this! I cant wait to read how everyone is doing and how we will all keep each other motivated. I'm especially excited because I have a friend here in Lubbock who is doing it with me :) Deanna! Hopefully, we can workout together and keep each other motivated to do it when we are too tired from work. Pray for all of us over the next month and a half, we will need it to stay strong!


Aldape family said...

Hey I found your blog today from Tanna's blog! Glad to see you and Matt are doing well! Wow! The wedding will be here before you know it! We love y'all!
Kayla and David Aldape

Precious Moments said...

Hey!! Good luck girl, I know you can do it!! I will send out an email with the workouts and times. They will be Tuesday and Thursday, and some Saturdays if you are in town!! Thinking about ya! --Tanna