Saturday, October 1, 2011

Catching up!

Ok, so it's been WAY too long since I updated! I really need to get better at keeping this up because I know one day, I'll want to look back at these special posts. So let's pick up from where I left off last time..I'll start with pictures and a few stats about that month of my pregnancy. Everything up to today! Then, I promise I'll do better at keeping up :)

Here are some pictures and stats of the third month!

10 weeks

13 weeks

The first trimester was not too bad. I was nauseous a lot and very tired, though! Thank goodness I had the whole summer to relax and take naps whenever I wanted. That was a blessing :) Our little pea went from the size of a prune to a peach in this month. It was so funny, you can't even tell I'm pregnant in these photos, but I felt huge! I ate ginger snaps and animal crackers almost every day. I didn't ever throw up, and as a result I gained 10 pounds that first trimester!! But- my doctor said that's ok, because I'm so small!

The fourth month:

15 weeks

17 weeks

The fourth month was fun! I began wearing maternity clothes and could definitely see my belly growing! The first trimester symptoms subsided and I felt great. I had tons of energy, which was good because I started back to work around week 16. My kids this year LOVE that I am pregnant and ask me about it almost daily. This month our baby went from the size of a lemon to an onion!

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