Sunday, October 16, 2011

23 weeks!

Hello month 6 of pregnancy!

I have noticed my belly has gotten bigger over the last few weeks and I can DEFINITELY feel it. The stretching! Cocoa butter has become my new best friend. This week I have also noticed Porter getting stronger. Matt has been able to feel him kick almost every day! He is kicking as I type :)

Here I am at week 23 (the first week of the sixth month)

I am really going to try and soak up this last month because by the end of it, I will be out of my second trimester! Everyone has said it gets a lot harder from there. But- that means we're that much closer to meeting our little man, so I'm ok with it!

Dear Porter,

You have been kicking mommy A LOT lately. You are especially active in the mornings, which means you are definitely my child! :) I read about how you are doing all the time..books, my apps, and online. I can't seem to get enough information about what is going on in my tummy right now! You are about the size of a papaya and this next month you will be growing SO much. I know I've probably said it one too many times, but I can't wait to meet you. Only 4 more months! Love you little guy,


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