Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend in Lubbock and 22 Weeks

This weekend we traveled to Lubbock for the Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M game. The game didn't turn out too great, but we had a wonderful time seeing friends and visiting Lubbock! We got Porter an adorable Tech onesie, complete with double T logo and collar! He'll be adorable in it!

Right now I am 22 weeks, I'll be 23 weeks tomorrow.

I am loving being pregnant right now. I feel good most of the time, just having some trouble sleeping at night. Right now Porter is the size of a large mango and weighs 1 pound! He has his up days where he moves quite a bit and other days where he barely moves at all! I got a good report at the doctor's office the other day- his heart rate was great, and he kicked the doppler when she put it on my stomach. :) I have gained 13 pounds, which is good. The next time I go in, I have to do the glucose test! We'll see how that goes.......

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