Sunday, March 1, 2009

Maddie's New Bed

This weekend, Matt and I got Maddie her very own bed! It is too cute and I thought she would love it. We figured it was time to start training Maddie to sleep in her own bed because when Matt and I get married, she cant sleep with either of us anymore. Right now, she usually sleeps with Matt at night and gets RIGHT up next to him all night like a heating pad. No bueno. So, last night was her first time to sleep in it and she did pretty well. She only tried to jump up on the bed once and I put her back down in her bed. Hopefully she will learn to love sleeping in it!


Dereklover said...
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Dereklover said...

WOW i luv your blog! come check out mine

Deanna and Mark said...

Maddie's bed is so cute! Make sure you're very consistent in making her sleep there. Sadie always ends up sleeping with us...normally right in between us, which makes it very hard to sleep. We were never very consistent with her sleeping on her pillow :( Love ya!