Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Engagement Pictures

We got our engagement pictures today and I am so happy with them! They turned out great. The Japanese Gardens were PERFECT for us! Here is the link:

Engagement Pictures

There is the proof word on the pictures (most over my face!) but, they all look really good. I especially like the ones of me in the white dress and Matt in the yellow shirt. The yellow made for such pretty pictures! I am going to have a hard time deciding on which one I want for the main one. I do have a favorite one (right now) and I thought I would post it! I'm sorry about the word proof all over it! :) Enjoy!


Deanna and Mark said...

They look sooo good! I especially like #57, 68, 71, and 105...just to name a few. Call me sometime this week and maybe we can do something on Saturday :)
Love you!

Angela said...

These are SO good! We used Knight Photography for our wedding too and they did such a great job! It will be so hard for you to pick your favorite!