Friday, March 6, 2009

Laura Needs..

Deanna tagged me for this "needs" post and it's really fun! You put your name in google and the word needs. For example, "Laura needs". Then you post the top 7 things that came up. So, here goes!

1. Laura needs 25 cents and 2 fingers (I have NO idea?)

2. Laura needs some post-toddler love. (a mom going through terrible 2's with her kids. Definatly dont need that right now, probably some day!)

3. Laura needs to hear from other teachers who may be having similar dilemmas and getting things out in the open. (weird!!!)

4. Laura needs your continued support (aw)

5. Laura needs a game (love em!)

6. Laura needs help (haha nah..)

7. Laura needs to get out more (haha! this is my favorite)

It is really fun to see what it comes up with! So, I am going to tag Karen (since she is the google queen!), Robin and Kelly! Have fun :)

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