Friday, August 2, 2013

Porter at 16 and 17 months

16 months
17 months

My sweet boy, you have grown to much in the last two months. You are becoming such a big boy and are so much fun!

Here is what you have been up to these last two months:

-Sleeping 11 hours at night.

-Still in size 3 diapers.

-Wearing 18 month shirts (at 17 months) and still in 12 month shorts. You wear a size 5 shoe.

-Speaking of shoes, you love them. You always try to wear daddy's and love you try and put yours on.

- LOVE Cars and trucks. Oh my goodness, you love them so much! Any time you see one, you point it out and get very excited. You have also recently started saying "dump truck".

- Getting 4 teeth at once. The "I" teeth. They have been a booger and have kept you up many nights. They have been coming in all of the 17 month.

- You say MANY words. You also repeat words that you hear very well.

- You recently started saying please and thank you. At first, we would tell you to say it. Now, you are starting to say it on your own. Sweet boy :)

- Your favorite foods right now are pretzels, chicken, watermelon, and cantaloupe. You can't seem to get enough right now. Especially watermelon! Yum!!

- You like water. You like to swim in the pool and you took swimming lessons for about a month. You can go underwater like a big boy and hold your breath. You can also kick your legs very well! Maybe next summer you will put it all together and be swimming! 

- You started saying Connor's name at 17 months. We got it on video. You love to say his name and you often call random things Connor!

- You love your stuffed animals. You call them "Maddie". You sleep with SEVERAL in your bed every night :)

- You also love your dog Maddie. You love to be near her, chase her, and torture her. I think she secretly loves it!

We love you so much Porter and cant wait to see you be a big brother in September!!! 

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