Saturday, August 31, 2013

18 Months with Porter

Porter- I cannot believe you are 18..almost 19 months!! You bring more joy to our lives every day than we ever thought possible.

This month you are:

- Saying SO many words. There are way to many to write down. Your favorite words are "No no" and Mine. Imagine that! You also say "Thank you" after we give you something every time.

- Loving the movie Toy Story. We watch it together at least once a day! You're mesmerized by the toys. Thank goodness there are 3 different movies to choose from ;)

- Napping once a day for at least 2 hours in the afternoon.

- Asking for Mama and Dada when you wake up.

- Wearing 18 month shirts and 12 month pants.

- Still in a size 3 diaper!

- Loving playing and wrestling with your daddy. You do it almost daily!


Porter, we love you so much. One of your favorite things to do right now is go over to David and Cathy's and play with the toys over there. You could literally spend hours lining up cars and playing with Buzz. You also love Brian. He loves to play with you, too! They love it when you come over.

I can't wait to update next time. You will probably have a little brother to share monthly updates with!

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