Thursday, July 25, 2013

30 Weeks!

Here is my 30 week picture. I feel like my belly has grown SO much in the last week!!

I am feeling good. I am now getting up about 4 times a night to go to the bathroom, but other than that sleep has been okay.

I now feel Connor move all the time, big movements too. I feel little feet a lot. At about 9 o'clock, he loves to come alive and moves around a TON! Matt loves to watch my stomach and talk to him. Porter has also started saying "Connor". He calls things Connor and when we ask him to say it, he says it so excitedly! I tell him that Connor is in my belly, but I don't think he understands yet. He does like to feel and push on my belly though, he also uses it as a step stool often :) That stops as soon as it starts, haha!


We cannot wait to meet you little guy. Only 9 more weeks, if that. I often wonder if you will come early like your brother or stay until you are good and ready. Those questions will be answered soon enough! Your Nana and Papa are here for your shower this weekend. While they are here, they are painting your room. They can't wait to love on you and spoil you!!!!!! We can't wait either. We love you so much already.

Mommy, Daddy, and Porter

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