Monday, July 27, 2009

SHOW US YOUR LIFE- Wedding Dress

So, my friend Robin has showed me the blog Kelly's Korner. She does this thing weekly, where she does a blog entry on "show me your life" bedroom, bathroom, etc. Well, I have never been able to play along until now! :) This week, it is Show me your life- wedding dress! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED my wedding dress! I dont have our professional pictures just yet..But really want to share with you all what it looks like! The pictures may not be excellent quality, but the dress still looks awesome!

Upstairs before the wedding, putting it on!

It sparkled :)

The back of it! I dont have any of my train, but I will later!

Making our grand entrance as Mr. and Mrs. Bickston!

Close up! Right after we cut the cake, I LOVE this picture

My dad and I when we were taking pictures!

I will add some of the professional pictures later this week when we get them! :)


Loren Linn Webb said...

LOVED YOUR DRESS !! It was beautiful !! I can't wait to see all the professional pictures. By the way .. I LOVED your hair too. Did you wear it down for the wedding and up for the reception? I loved the up-do. So beautiful !!

Sarah said...

Newlyweds! Love your dress. You look absolutely beautiful.

Kristen said...

your dress is absolutely AMZING!!

Juggling Thoughts said...

Congratulations, your dress is beautiful! We got married April 4th of this year. Isn't being a newlywed fun!? Good luck to you both!

Jab09 said...

LOVE your dress! You looked beautiful!