Monday, July 20, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Bickston

Matt and I got married last Saturday and it was the best day of our lives! All of our family and friends were there to witness us say our vows and celebrate with us. It couldn't have been more perfect. I have to say, it is weird being married..But in a good way! :) When we got back from the honeymoon we came to our house and Matt stayed with me instead of going to his parents house. It's great, we relaxed and opened our wedding gifts! We have some awesome friends and family who got us great gifts for our new house!! When we get everything put together, I will post pictures of our house.

So, the day after the wedding we flew to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for our honeymoon. It was AMAZING! We stayed in an ocean front suite and this was the view from our room and our room.

It was BEAUTIFUL! We stayed for a week and neither of us wanted to come back to reality. It was hands down the best vacation I have ever been on. I was already planning our anniversary trip for next year before we left! haha

Here are some more pictures from the trip..I wish I could post them all, but there are 440!

Now we are home and Matt is back to work! I am doing lots of cleaning and laundry! It is sad that the wedding and honeymoon are over but we are so excited to see what the future holds! :)


Precious Moments said...

I seriously LOVE the purple dress!!! You look hot, I gotta have one!!! So glad yall had a fun time. We missed you alot at bootcamp, cant wait to see you Wednesday!Love, Tanna

hannah said...

y'all are such cuties! the purple dress is adorable! and i'm totally jealous of the water and sand.