Thursday, July 23, 2009

Matt's Accident

Well, week two of being married and we had something very scary happen last night.

We got home from running errands around 9:00 or so and Matt really wanted to spray some stuff on his brakes to make them stop squeaking. He was in the garage starting to mess with it and around 9:45, I told him I was going to go get ready for bed (assuming that he was knowledgeable and knew what he was doing, which most of the time he does!) The actual garage door was closed but I kept the garage door to the house open because Maddie likes to just sit in the car and watch Matt. I was washing my face in our bathroom and I hear Matt scream my name a couple times. I run out thinking he needed me for something, but quickly realized it was a scream of desperation. I ran in to find that the car had fallen on him. He was screaming "help, get it off me" and I had no idea what part of his body the car was on. He told me to try and pull the car off of him and all I kept thinking in my head was, ok adrenalin when are you going to kick in and enable me to pick this car up. That wasn't happening! So, I opened the garage door and began to run next door screaming for help. It seemed like everyone's front porch lights were off so I continued to run and scream, hoping someone would hear and come. As soon as I turned and looked across the street I saw 4 people running over. It couldn't have been more than 5 seconds when they started coming so I ran back into the garage. Matt started yelling, "what are you doing, go back and knock on doors!!" He didn't expect people to come so quick. They came in and we lifted it off of him. I can't tell you how good it was to see his face and know that he was going to be "ok". He looked pretty shocked and started to laugh because he knew what he had just done was very stupid. Those people being outside was definitely a God thing. He was probably under the car for about a minute, but he said it felt like an eternity.

What actually happened was, the jack he was using was small. He went to loosen one of the brake bolts and he had to push hard cause it wasn't coming lose. When he did that, it caused the jack to slide out and the car to fall on him.

After a minute, I told him to never do that to me again! He didn't break or fracture anything thank goodness, he is just very bruised and wearing a sling.

Here are some pictures of the damage

He is doing better today than we thought he would be! He is such a trooper. Afterwards, he was like well I have to get that tire back on. We were all like, no you aren't touching the car! haha We are glad he is fine and most importantly alive!


Kristi said...

Glad he is doing well! and no injuries!!

Brianna said...

Wow! Praise God!!