Thursday, July 2, 2009

All Moved In

So we are in our house and getting all fixed up! :) My family is in town for the wedding next weekend and my mom has been a HUGE help. She basically got my kitchen together and has helped me pick out our washer/dryer and start some loads of clothes for me! She's THE BEST. We finished up meeting with our vendors this week and everything is ready to go! I'm so excited about July 11th. People have asked me a lot, are you nervous? At this point, not at all! I am soo ready!

On another note, I have been doing "bootcamp" this week. Tanna has been leading it and it is awesome. It is really refreshing for me to get up and start my day with a workout. (And some pretty awesome beauties :)

Well, I know this is not long..I will post pictures soon! Everyone have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

Only 9 more days :)


Precious Moments said...

Cant wait to come visit :) I know it feels good to get everything in the new house!!

I am loving bootcamp too, its nice for it to be 9am and the workout is over!! Makes for a great day. Have a good weekend girl!

Loren Linn Webb said...

Can't wait to see pictures !! I would love to come visit, but that will be a little hard seeing as I don't like in Texas. Ha Ha.

Kristi said...

You're married!! yippee!!