Monday, February 2, 2009

Skiing in Keystone

We (My family and Matt's sister Ashlye) went skiing and tubing in Keystone, Colorado this weekend and it was soo much fun! I didn't want to leave on Sunday and assured my parents that Matt and I would definitely be back next year! We left Thursday after I got out of school and got there around midnight. Then, we left Friday morning for Keystone. We hung out Friday and had hot chocolate and Audra and Ashlye went ice skating. Saturday we woke up early and went tubing! It was an absolute blast! It is kind of like water slides, but with snow! I put some pictures below so you can see what it looks like. You could go down with up to 4 people and you went faster the more people you had going down. They would spin you if you wanted and you go SO fast! They said they clock some people going 50 mph at night! It was so much fun and I'm really looking forward to showing it to Matt next year! Then, after tubing, we went skiing! Me, Audra and Ashlye went and were determined on the greens since we were all a little rusty! Well, the first time we took a wrong turn and end up going down a BLUE! It was pretty steep and I had fun but, it was definitely too tough for us! The second time we went down the right one and it was called School Marm. The whole time snowboarders were coming down behind us so fast! Snowboarding is really amazing to me because they make it look so easy when I know it is hard. Then, after skiing we returned everything and went back to the condo. The condo we stayed in was so nice. It was 3 stories and had a big wooden dining room table with a flat screen TV and fireplace and an amazing view of the mountains! I have to say I really missed Matt, it was so "romantic" walking around at night. Next year should be just as awesome and I love it that my family is going to make it an annual thing. Maybe I can even get a few of our friends to come next year :) (hint hint Jay and Ash!) Getting up for work this morning was so hard because I wanted to be back in the mountains!! Well, I will leave you all with some pictures of the trip! Stopping to take a scenic picture on the way to Keystone! Me and my sister skiing :)

My family after tubing

All of us in our tubes!

On the Gondola

I had so much fun and now I am missing my family so much, but I am very fortunate to get to see them a lot this year because of all the wedding stuff going on!

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Ashley said...

I'm so glad you had a relaxing and fun time.. but I'm even more happy that your hint was directed at us!! I would love to go up there (even though I hhhhaaatee being cold) and so would Jay!!