Monday, June 3, 2013

Porter at 15 Months

Porter, you are 15 months! (This post is a month late, but you were 15 months in the picture!) You have come alive with personality this month and I swear I could watch you play all day (which is pretty much what I do!). At 15 months you:

- Are completely weaned and drinking about 3 full cups of whole milk a day. You LOVE LOVE whole milk!

- Have eczema :( Pretty bad. But, we keep it under control with coconut oil and your steroid cream. The heat has made it worse which I hate!!!

- Traveled to Florida this month! You were an absolute toot on the way there. But, with mommies appendix rupturing, I think you could tell things were off. You kicked and screamed almost the whole flight there. Luckily mommy didn't care much about the people around us cause she felt like death! (That's for another blog post though)

- Spent 2 nights with your Gran and Grandaddy in Florida while we stayed in the hospital. This was your first time to be away from mommy and daddy at night. You did GREAT! They loved on you tons and of course enjoyed every minute.

- Say LOTS of new words- including, car, fish, wa wa, play, gabba, cheese, and flower. When we say words you are like a little parrot. You say a lot of things back to us, mostly just once. You are learning :)

- LOVE THE WATER. When we were in Florida you loved the beach and the waves. You would run in and your great uncle Eric had to pick you up every time so you wouldn't get swept away!!!

- You weigh in at 20 pounds.

- Are still picky about what you eat. You love blueberries, cheese, yogurt, cantaloupe, eggs, bacon, and bananas.

- You sign all the time. Still milk, more, eat and all done.

- You understand more and more every day. This morning I asked you how your hands were today (because you had an eczema outbreak) and you looked down at them. You also know where your eyes are and can point to them when we ask.

You are seriously the best thing in the whole world. Watching you grow up is the absolute joy of our lives.

Every day just keeps getting better.

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