Sunday, January 22, 2012

36 Weeks

Well, we have 22 days to go until Porter gets here and I am soooo anxious! I have to say, it has started to become very surreal that he will be here so soon. We set up his rock and play sleeper next to our bed yesterday and I swear I just sat there and looked at it for a good 10 minutes. In about three weeks or less he will be laying in it! I can hardly wait!

As far as baby stats goes, we found out this week he is weighing in at 7.5 pounds! When the sonogram tech told me I'm pretty sure I put my hands to my face and muttered the words, "oh my gosh!" He is going to be a big boy!!!! She told me if he goes to full term (40 weeks), he could be 9.5. YALL 9.5! The next time we go, she said she wanted to do another sonogram to monitor his weight. So we might get to see him again!

As far as sleeping goes, I haven't been sleeping well. It just started this week. I get up 5-6 times to go to the bathroom and when I get up to go around 3, it normally takes me an hour to fall asleep. I guess God is getting me ready to be up with him every night. But, I am so tired during the day. Some days, I feel like I am just trying to "make it". Other than that, I feel pretty good. He is constantly kicking me in the ribs and the pelvic pain hurts, but I usually take Tylenol in the morning and it makes me feel better.

I have my work shower tomorrow and I can't wait! I just love the people I work with and it'll be nice to sit and talk to my friends..because work has been pretty stressful this year, for all of us! I will post pics next week!

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