Saturday, January 14, 2012

35 Weeks

We are now in the home stretch! We go on Monday for my 36 week appointment and that is when all of the FUN begins! We get to see Porter one more time in a sonogram before he is here. I'm excited to hear how big he is and how I'm progressing (even though I hear how much you are dialted/effaced has NOTHING to do with when you will go into labor!)

We offically have everything ready to go for when Porter gets here. I have packed my hospital bag and we are going to put the car seat in sometime this week! EEK! It's getting so close!!!! Matt is in "get everything ready" mode. He has been cleaning like a mad man. I have to take a second, to document, so I can remember what an amazing help he has been since I have gotten VERY pregnant. He does just about everything. Laundry, cleaning, cooking..Not to mention any time I ask for something he runs to get it. Now, I know..I am sure there are days when I annoy him with my whining or constantly asking for help, but he never says anything negative. I've got a good one folks..and I can't wait to see him with Porter. I just know he will love and wanna be just like his daddy! :)

I will update with pictures of the nursery and sonogram pictures in the next week or so!

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The Burns Family said...

What a sweet hubby! You are getting so close.. can't wait!!!