Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding Anxiety

Anxiety- distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune.

If you know me, you know that I am a very anxious person. Matt sometimes tells me its "cute", but I am sure he means down right annoying. I tend to obsess over things and I think I might be slightly OCD. Being a teacher, I have had to learn to not obsess about things and realize that there are much bigger things in life to worry about. Well, I have really been "sweating the small stuff" about our wedding lately. I want everything to go my way and be perfect (as most brides would). Yesterday I got the best advice ever from my wedding coordinator. She said, "Laura, some things you have got to just let go." She is SO right! I cannot obsess about every little thing about my wedding. The main thing is, it is about Matt and I. When we are saying our vows, nothing else will matter and that is what is most important. I am SLOWLY learning to let things go. I am sure from here on out everything will get much more stressful, but I am going to try not to worry about the little things and focus on the BIG picture! Only 2 more months until I become Mrs. Bickston! :)

By the way..I WAS going to blog all about Matt's graduation and post lots of pictures, but I cannot find the cord for the camera. Matt is bringing an extra one back tomorrow and as soon as I get it, I will post!


hannah said...

Hey Laura! Here is my advice...feel free to take it or leave it :)
Obsess now all you want. But when the special day gets here, remember this...it will fly by. So, at several times during the wedding or the wedding festivities, stop and take pictures in your mind. Take a deep breath, and remember what it smells like, what it looks like, and how you feel.

If you get too wrapped up in the details, you will miss out on just "being".

I hope this helps. I know how you feel...jus go as slow as you can.

Brooklynn said...

Laura, that's great advice. Someone told me there will be something that goes wrong on the wedding day but it won't matter. By the time it gets here all you want to do is get married. And it was so true!

Things will turn out beautifully!! It goes by SO fast, make sure to enjoy it!

I really enjoy your blog, you sound alot like me! I found it through Robin Averitt's :)