Monday, May 4, 2009

Bridal Portraits

This weekend was GREAT! It was so good to see my mom and spend time with her. We did all of the mother-daughter stuff and had a blast! On Thursday, I picked her up from the airport and we went and picked up my wedding dress for my bridal portraits. I felt like a princess when I put it on. Then, we ventured to Sam Moon and got a few things. On Friday, I had my Bridal's at the Canal's at Las Colinas. I got my hair done and on the way to get my make up done, I realized we had forgot my bouquet!!! My mom drove all the way back and got it and picked me up. We quickly drove to the Omni Hotel to get changed and when we got there, figured out that we had gone to the wrong one! At this point, we were ONE HOUR late and couldn't help but laugh to keep from crying. We finally got there and I put on my dress in the bathroom and got many "awww's" and "you look so pretty" (a very good confidence booster! haha :) while RUNNING to get where the photographer was. When we got there, everything slowed down and felt perfect. I was sure my mom was going to cry, but she helped with EVERYTHING and fixed my veil everytime it blew in my face because the wind was blowing so hard! She kept saying, "these are amazing..You are going to love them!"

Now, I know Mother's Day isnt until Sunday, but I have to share this video with you all. Get your tissues because I bawled when I first watched it. (especially you new mommies out there!) If you are reading this, I love you mom. I hope when I have kids, I can be half the mom you are. I had The Best Day with you Friday :)


Aldape family said...

How sweet! I bet you were gorgeous in your dress! Can't wait to see you on the big day!

Ashley said...

I love that song.. and I am a baby and tear up every time I hear it.. I totally feel you!