Wednesday, December 10, 2008

West Texas Polar Express

Last night Matt and I went on the Polar Express in Lubbock! It was so fun! We went with Matt's work and a lot of families went. We sat with Matt's friend Cory and his family. His son, Carson is going to be the ring bearer in our wedding and he is SO adorable! When we got there, we got on the train, found our seats and set off for the North Pole! We got hot chocolate and a sugar cookie and the train was decorated with garland and presents. When we stopped in the "North Pole" Santa and a couple elves got on and talked with the kids and gave out bells. We also sang a couple Christmas carols! We got some good pictures, but my camera died towards the end. When we got off the train it was snowing a little so that added to the fun! I love Christmas and cant wait until school is out so I can enjoy time off :) Ill leave you with some pictures!

On the Polar Express!

Cory, Jenni and the boys

Santa on the train

Carson- our little ring bearer :)

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