Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013

We had such a wonderful Easter this year! It was definitely different than last year, because Porter could actually enjoy getting a Easter basket and hunting for eggs.

When Porter woke up we showed him his Easter basket and he loved it. He absolutely loved the little chicken cup he got and carried it around all day! That was fun to share that with him.


After that, we got ready for church. On the way to church, Matt tried to explain to Porter the true meaning of Easter. It was so cute. Hopefully next year he'll be able to understand the wonderful miracle of Easter and Jesus!

The service and music was wonderful! We took Porter to the nursery, and he usually will last about an hour before they call us and say he isn't doing well. But, today when we dropped him off, there was lots of kids crying so I was pretty sure he wouldn't last long. He didn't. I went to check on him 20 minutes in and he was crying at the door hysterically, so I took him. Poor thing. It's a hard thing for all of us right now!

After church, we grabbed lunch at a little Deli just the 3 of us! It was really nice. Then we headed home for a little play time and nap.

Our neighbors Cathy and David have lots of family here, so they invited us over for a little Easter egg hunt with a couple other kids. Porter loved it! He didn't get the concept of going and getting the eggs and putting them in the basket, but he loved to hold the eggs and bang them together.

Afterwards, Matt's parents came over for dinner and playtime with P! It was a wonderful Easter!

Showing him how to put the eggs in the basket
"Mom, I just wanna hold them!"

Our precious little boy
Porter and his friend Emmett
Happy Easter from our family to yours!

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