Sunday, April 28, 2013

14 Months

Porter, you are so much fun right now! This month we have definitely noticed that you are looking more like a "big boy". Here are some high lights of this month.

- You still sleep through the night. Usually 7:30 or so to 7:15.

- You are wearing size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes.

-You take one nap a day, usually in the afternoon. Even though right now you are fighting naps pretty hard. Maybe because you don't want to miss anything??

- You LOVE animals, especially dogs! You love to pet and hit Maddie. We are trying to teach you gentle hands! :)

- You say lots of words. Hi, Bye-bye, dog, duck, hot, mama, and dada. This month you picked up the words car, Papa, and you mimic lots of words we say. You have said fish, don't, and more.

- You can sign! You sign more for almost everything you want more of (even things other than food), eat and you are beginning to sign milk. It's pretty awesome and cuts down on the frustration.

- You still love bath time!

- You are going through a mommy phase right now, so you don't want to be away from me a lot.

- You flew on a plane to Colorado this month and you did great. You slept most of the way and then played with apps on the iPad the rest of the time! You even got a compliment from a man on the way there saying you were so quiet, he didn't even know you were on the plane! Way to go! You're pretty awesome like that :)

Overall, you are so fun to be around. You have so many people who love to be around you because you make everyone laugh!


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