Friday, September 18, 2009

Doggie Door

This is a HAPPY night in the Bickston household! Why, you ask...Because we finally got a doggie door for Maddie! It has been long awaited and it took Matt a whole 3 hours to put together. We are SO glad that she has a doggie door now so she will stop peeing on our bathroom rugs! (hopefully) It will be so much easier when Matt and I are working all day and don't have to worry about sticking her in a room so she doesn't pee somewhere. Matt told her once it was in.."You see this Maddie? This is Freedom!" haha I hope I don't have to wash anymore rugs, it's getting old. We will See!

Here is Matt putting it together

She is checking it out, right after we put it in

She LOVES it! (ok...maybe not loves, but she is using it!!! YAY!!!)

I am so happy!! :)

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