Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fancy Blog!

Today my blog got a makeover! I love it. Thank you Julie, you are so crafty! :)

The challenge is going pretty well for me so far. I reallly wanted to cheat last night and eat some peanut butter M&M's (sooo good!) but Matt wouldn't let me. He said, he is kind of doing this too and if I ate them in front of him it would be hard for him to resist. I looked at him and smiled for being so great and not letting me. haha So, I didn't cheat. Tanna told me to tell him thank you for her! I'm glad he is much stronger than I am and can really keep me accountable.

I have been spending a lot of time this week with Robin and Adalyn helping her out and keeping her company since right now I am not working. It gets pretty boring at my house (my husband would beg to differ and could probably tell me 10 things I should be doing right now!) BUT spending the days with them is much more FUN! I meant to take my camera over the other day so we could take pictures, but I forgot. Robin always dresses her in the cutest outfits! I will take pictures next time.

Well, I am off to make dinner..

Have a good night friends!


Precious Moments said...

Cute header!! Me and Miss Brylee will have to hang out with you guys one day!! Now that everyone is back in school it is a little boring :) I am about to write down your recipe and try it out! Sounds awesome!

Kristi said...

Peanut butter M&M's sounds amazing!! Yum!! I may have to use that for a cheat some day! Love the new header!