Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow and Ice

This morning we got delayed until 9:oo and it was great! I know some teachers get grouchy because it messes up their schedule or the kids are too crazy, but I love it! Today I only had 12 kids at school, 6 were absent. We did activities on the floor and had a lot of fun. Since there was less kids, it was much easier to teach Math. (Even though when those kids get back they will have to catch up!) It is still very icy outside and tomorrow we don't start until 10! wooo hoooo! Matt leaves tomorrow with his Grad School Association to drive to Dallas for a Corporate Trip. Hopefully the roads will stay clear. Say a prayer for them! I always hate it when he leaves, but it is always so nice to see him after he has been gone. I will be heading to Colorado Thursday with Ashlye (Matt's sister) and Maddie! We are going skiing with my family!! It is going to be so fun and it will be soooo nice to get away for vacation and not have to think about work! Well friends, have a good week and drive safe!

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